Partnering with Liz Alig

Partnering with Liz Alig

The Nou Hope sewing group has been partnering with LizAlig to produce new items for her collections, increase their sewing skills, and provide a sustainable future for their families.  Elizabeth (founder of LizAlig) has traveled to the village twice to teach the group new skills, introduce new designs, and encourage the group in improving the quality of their work. LizAlig is a fair trade company that strives to use sustainable resources (like repurposed and recycled materials already found in the country), promotes fair working conditions, and provides a sustainable income for those working.

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Prayer for Amanda Michel


Amanda Michel is a first grade teacher at the Terre-Salei school and the daughter of one of the teachers in the LaMare school.  She and her husband have 3 children, ages 8, 7, and 5.  Amanda has been sick since late last year. Amanda has not been able to walk for months and is paralyzed from the waist down. After seeing her in January, we decided that she wasn't receiving adequate medical care. In an effort to connect her with the right doctors, we have been communicating with physicians we're currently networked with.  We have been referred to Partners in Health: Mirebalais for her to undergo a CT scan to get at the root of the problem.  As you can imagine, this will not be an easy journey!  Please join us in prayer as we seek medical care for this beloved teacher. Visit our website and head to the "gallery" to find a picture of Amanda, under the Terre-Salei teachers (so you can put her beautiful face with her name as you pray for her and her family)!

ABN: Artisan Business Network

ABN: Artisan Business Network

Nou Hope artisans have recently joined the Artisan Business Network in Haiti.  As a part of the network, they will receive valuable training on business management, product development, design and much, much more.  We're excited about this new opportunity and are excited to be a part of the network.  You can follow ABN on Facebook. ABN works with designers, trainers and companies from all over the globe, bringing opportunity to Haitian artisans.  


Recent visit to ABN in January found the group packing up a shipment to Macy's

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Manna from Heaven: bnd Food Program in Terre-Salei

We have a HUGE praise!  The Terre-Salei school has been accepted into the government food program, bnd, in Haiti.  After 4 years of praying for 150 children who had been coming to school each day hungry, sometimes to the point of passing out in school, God has blessed his people with this great gift--like manna from heaven.  The leaders will have to remain compliant and stay accountable to their local bnd office.  Each Sunday they travel to the town of Maissade with their donkey (supported by Nou Hope) to pick up food for the week. Food is distributed during school hours Monday through Friday.  


Haiti Outreach Well Completed

Upon arrival January 2014, the well in Terre-Salei was completed.  The inauguration ceremony was absolutely fabulous--full of education, celebration, and joy.  The local well committee assessed households which had no latrines and then 7/14 built latrines in preparation for the well.  The people were educated by Haiti Outreach and the local water committee, given instructions and rules, and responsibility was handed over to the people.  


Click here for procession video.  

Click here for a video of the skit from the inauguration ceremony.

Click here for video of Haiti Outreach Director getting the community into it.


Terese and Fasnau--An Introduction

Nou Hope Sewing School Leaders

Terese and Fasnau make a great team leading over 50 women at the sewing school.  Walking for up to 45 minutes (one way) to come and teach four days a week, these two women are truly dedicated women.  The school has been operating for about a year.  Both women have received certificates in sewing at schools in Haiti.  Terese, with her administrative gifts, along with Fasnau who is gifted in design and innovation are leading the way for development in their community.