Nou Hope is connecting and resourcing the communities of LaMare and Terre-Salei for community development, providing sustainability for the future.  

Some practical ways we're connecting and resourcing the communities:

-Micro-enterprise development (sewing, pottery, and carving):

Partnering with LizAlig Fashion

Artisan Business Network Partner (click here to visit ABN website or here to visit their Facebook page)

-Agricultural development

Fall 2014: local agronomist began trainings and large scale farming

-Clean water (in partnership with Haiti Outreach; see blog for more) and education initiatives

-Partnering with Foundations for Haitians to put in cement floors in homes that currently have dirt floors. 

-NEW Summer 2016: Partnering with eMi to design a new multi-phase building construction plan for Terre-Salei: school, community gathering and worship space, artisan work space, and much more. 

 Terre-Salei Agricultural co-op members

Terre-Salei Agricultural co-op members

 LaMare Agricultural Co-op 

LaMare Agricultural Co-op