Testimonials — See what our Haitian partners are saying about Nou Hope.

It is a chance for development to impact our community: lack of vehicles, food and school.
— Sainterese Lazarre
We will see change in the economy by sending out children to school and going to the hospitals when there is disease.
— Antony Etienne
The development gives me a lot of hope for the lives of my family.
— Edimene Bien-Aise
I have hope I can become better for my kids
— Eyanie Petifre
We hope the new community project brings many changes in Terre-Salei and we want to continue this way for our next generation.
— Stephene Dameus
I have hope that it will provide a way for me to eat someday.
— Elinise Domasyen
It gives me a chance to live and encourages me. It gives me hope to live a better way.
— Clemonise Fenelus
I have a chance because I knew nothing and now I can do all things.
— Mimose Evarize
It gives me hope to become a good sewer and I can then sell the things I make.
— Marie Louise Beloni
I have hope one day I will make a little money to make a better life.
— Misane Dameus