We love, we learn, we work together

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Nou Hope is embracing the hope of Christ in the communities of LaMare and Terre-Salei as we love, learn, and work together.

We aim to empower the people of LaMare and Terre-Salei to become more self-sustaining so that families can afford basic education and daily living expenses. One of the most important aspects of our partnership is building relationships with our Haitian partners, engaging in discipleship.

Nou Hope serves as the umbrella for the partnership between stateside churches and those in Haiti. Nou is a Haitian Creole word that means “we” or “you” (plural). With its double meaning, pronounced as “New” Hope in English, it describes the new direction and hope for a sustainable future for our Haitian partners.  

Our Three Main Areas of Focus:


– Spiritual Formation

Nou Hope is walking alongside the churches and leaders of LaMare and Terre-Salei as they follow Jesus out into the world, loving God and loving others.

– Education

Nou Hope equips the schools of LaMare and Terre-Salei so that children receive basic education.

– Development

Nou Hope is connecting and resourcing the communities of LaMare and Terre-Salei for community development, providing sustainability for the future.  





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