Nou Hope Leadership

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Illiovene Pierre

Yliovene is the pastor of the Terre-Salei church and founder of the local school. He is leading his people into a new day in Haiti where loving, learning, and working together reflect the hope of Christ and the dream of a better future for his community. He and his wife, Ritha, live in Terre-Salei and have six girls and continue to provide a home for children who are orphaned. Ritha helps operate the local mutuals and participates in the artisan group. Together, they work to empower the people, living lives of reconciliation and joy.

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Hones DeclerUs

Hones is the pastor of the LaMare church and principal of the primary school. As a leader in the community, he knows the importance of education and works alongside others to continue developing the community by improving the schools. He was influential in bringing the first secondary school to the area allowing local children to be educated within the community. He and his wife, Lidze, live in LaMare and have four children who are completing high school and have gone on to receive university education and employment and start homes of their own.

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Sainterese Lazare

Terese and her husband Emilair have four children and reside on the outskirts of LaMare. She has a seventh grade education and spent four years in sewing school in Boudin, where she was born. For years, it was her vision to have a sewing school in the area. Back in 2014 she brought women together and started a sewing school that has been operating in Terre Salei, with over 50 women having participated. Top students become the artisans who fulfill orders from Liz Alig as the women work and provide for their families.

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Oreneus Marcelin

Orneus was born and raised in Terre-Salei, completing the seventh grade. He and his wife have three children. To love and provide for his family, he works the land. As the president of the Terre-Salei agricultural cooperative, he leads the members by encouraging them to work together, learning new irrigation techniques, and planting high yielding crops. His favorite thing to grow is hot peppers! He hopes for his children to finish high school and have what they need in life.

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Edoruais Declerus

Edoruais was born and raised in LaMare, completing the seventh grade. He and his wife, Renise, have seven children and make their living from small plot farming. He is also a tailor by trade. As the president of the agricultural cooperative in LaMare, he leads the members in large scale farming as they work together to learn new skills and techniques to develop the community through agricultural initiatives. The cooperative gives him a lot of hope for earning more income and someday owning a store.

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Anolus Etienne

Anolus was born and raised in LaMare, where he now teaches and serves as one of the school administrators. He and his wife, Roseline, live in LaMare with their two young children. They are are an integral part of the community and church. Anolus has joined up with a few others in LaMare who are passionate about the next generation and offer a kids club on Sunday afternoons where children come and learn about God, being in community, and being good stewards of creation.

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Apoles DameUs

Apoles is an administrator at the Terre-Salei school. His university education and certification as a trainer for teachers through the Ministry of Education in Haiti, brings great strength to the development of the school. As a local, born and raised in Losabit (on the outskirts of Terre-Salei), he cares deeply about equipping teachers for the betterment of spiritual and intellectual education of children in the area. He and his wife, Elna, and their daughter live an hour and a half walk from Terre-Salei.

Board Members and Volunteers:

  • Courtney Zaugg

  • Elaine McCreery, Board Secretary

  • John Habermann, Board President

  • John Millis, Board Vice-President

  • Melissa Millis, Co-Founder and Director

  • Nate Canada

  • Ryan Foust, Board Treasurer

  • Sandy Doyle, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus